Studying medicine is one of the best, yet demanding choices that a student makes. It might seem expensive and with difficult entry requirements. However, there are valuable merits for studying this field:

  1. Excellent prospects:

Medicine graduates have a high employability rate. Most of them find a job within six months after graduation. There are plenty of vacancies for doctors in most hospitals everywhere in the world. They can equally enjoy high-paid internships at the entry level.

2. High salaries:

Doctors are well-paid compared to other professions. The basic starting salary for Foundation Year 1 doctors is around £23,000, increasing to around £28,000 in Foundation Year 2. Besides, their revenues get higher and higher as they climb the professional ladder and gain a long experience.

3. Theoretical and practical:

Unlike many fields of study, medical study expose students to the practical work. As they become practitioners, they spend most of their time on placement in teaching campus hospitals. Medicine is, therefore, good for people who are seeking a balance between theory and practice.

4. Impact

Doctors have a strong impact on people`s lives. Doctors have a noble mission of saving lives. They are also blessed for their contributions to the medical field as they do more research to cure diseases and perform surgeries.

There are many specialties in medicine. A typical course takes 5 years to make a graduate qualified to practise the medicine. Yet, being a qualified doctor requires at least a decade. After graduation there’s another compulsory (paid) two year foundation training programme which students need to complete and a GP can expect another three years of further paid studying even after this. For those wanting to practice brain surgery the length of this final phase can be even longer.