– International Education Consultancy with global presence

– Strategically located offices across Egypt, Poland, Australia and Great Britain

– Extensive advisory service on application procedures and visa guidance

– Fast growing global network

– Strong teams of knowledgeable and qualified staff

– Over 110 top ranked Universities and study institutions in Australia, North America ,Europe and The United Kingdom

-Scholarships offered annually

– Travel arrangements

– Dedicated customer service department for quality assurance

– B-our Commitment

To obtain the best possible course offers for you ,

To advise and guide you at every stage of the process

To consider your educational interests first at all times

We provide overseas students higher education opportunities in different destination like Australasia, North America and the UK with details of suitable courses available at a wide range of quality Universities and study institutions.

We currently have counseling services operating in Egypt, United Kingdom ,Australia  and Poland.

If you wish to use our service, you will need to arrange a meeting with your local Student Counselor at our office.

You should bring the following to this meeting:
Education certificates, including any English language test results ,CV containing details of all responsibilities and your finically capacity.

We will ask you to simple Application Form, This helps us to advise you about the most suitable course or courses for your particular needs.

Overseas Tours

Each year GOSSEE representatives visit each of the main countries we operate in to make special local presentations, informing potential students of the opportunities for study in Australasia, North America or the UK and the benefits of using our service, please contact us for information on when we shall be visiting next.

What our services offer you

The main benefit of our service is complete peace of mind.

  • You can make your move to Australasia, North America or the UK safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of.
  • The opportunity to consider a wide range of study opportunities without the need to personally research based upon your own specific needs and wishes thereby helping to maximize your course satisfaction
  • Access to a wide variety of quality universities and study institutions that are well known to GOSSEE
  • A reduction in your communication costs in the application process
  • Advice about applying for a student visa and other visa types
  • Assistance in arranging travel and appropriate accommodation arrangements
  • Work placement arrangement for our applicants
  • Completely assistance during your studying period

Get in touch today and see how we can help you!

Visa Guidance Program

  • GOSSEE experts guiding you through the visa application process.
  • GOSSEE cannot of course make any guarantees that you will be successful in obtaining your student visa.
  • However, we can give you total assurance that if you are a serious candidate with real intentions to study in your favor country.

So why do students get rejected in visa ?

  • Lack of understanding from the applicant as to what information is really important to the Visa Section
  • Documents not completed satisfactorily
  • Incomplete financial documents or insufficient evidence of financial capability of the student or their sponsor
  • Lack of thought by the applicant in how to present their case to the Visa section

So what can Gossee do to help in getting visa

  • Give a thorough examination of all documents supplied by a student
  • Show a student how to present their application in a favorable light
  • To give a detailed explanation on how to maximize your chances of obtaining the all important student visa
  • How to present the financial position of the student or sponsor
  • Get in touch today and see how we can help you!